Hand cream FRUIT FRESHNESS – Cherry

The cream contains a complex of moisturizing ingredients of natural origin, which have a multi-functional effect:
– moisturize the skin intensively;
– keep moisture in the skin for a long time;
– restore the natural healthy color of the skin;
The cream quickly absorbs and does not leave traces.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Cherry extract, Allantoin, Glycerin

Cherry extract has a softening and moisturizing effect. Contains mineral salts, phlavonoids, vitamins C, B1, B2, P.
Allantoin regenerates the epithelial layer and helps the regeneration of the skin cells. Has a softening and moisturizing effect on the skin, also stimulates the healing of wounds and the regeneration of the cuticle cells.
Glycerin perfectly softens and moisturizes the skin.

APPLICATION: The hand cream is applied on clean skin. Recommended for every day use.