Special glycerin hand cream with chaledonium extract and allantoin

Wonderful product for nourishing hand skin. After use the skin becomes soft, tender and elastic. The cream acts friendly on rough hands. ACTIVE COMPONENTS: Chaledonium extract, Allantoin, Glycerin Chaledonium extract has a very strong antibacterial effect. It contains phlavonoids, fruit acids and vitamins A, E and C.Allantoin helps skin regeneration, protects it fromdrying and has a calming effect. The moisturizing properties of allantoin permit keeping the moisture balance of the skin. Allantoin regenerates the epithelial layer, helps the regeneration of the skin cells, also stimulates the healing of wounds and the regeneration of the cuticle. Glycerin perfectly softens and keeps the water balance of the skin. The cream absorbs quickly, does not leave traces. The cream is especially good in summer, because it hydrates the skin very well. APPLICATION: The hand cream is applied on clean skin. Recommended for every day use. 45ml