Anti-wrinkle cosmetic products REGAL Q10+

Anti-wrinkle cosmetic products REGAL Q10+

Why do you have to choose anti-wrinkle cosmetic products REGAL Q10+?

Because these are cosmetic products made in accordance with the latest trends and active components for fighting wrinkles. Formulations are balanced for the particular skin type, tested and designed to reduce your wrinkles in actual! With our products you will feel the comfort of good and high quality cosmetics and most of all you will feel younger and more beautiful!

What do anti-wrinkle cosmetic products REGAL Q+ contain and why?

Coenzyme Q10 – known for a long time with its application ion cosmetics as a revolutionary instrument for making skin younger. Its role is expressed in two directions:

  • Active part in producing energy in cells;
  • A powerful anti-oxidant

It takes part in the production of 95% of the cellar energy. It is a complex process, but most generally explained fatty acids decompose inside the cell in the presence of oxygen and under the effect of Coenzyme Q10. When introduced by means of cosmetic products it allows for low energy cells to recover their energy deficiencies quite quickly. Thus it contributes to skin detoxification and to a better protection against all forms of physical /UV-rays, temperature/ and chemical aggression.

Whether taken internally or applied on the skin is of no importance. It is very useful for cellar health and energy production.

The other important role of Coenzyme Q10 is its powerful anti-oxidizing effect. Anti-oxidants neutralize free radicals. Furthermore, sun protection and untimely skin ageing protection is enhanced. Therefore the companies, which offer cosmetic products containing СоQ10, usually offer it in combination with other active components.

Rice extract – Skin drying results from reduction of the natural moisturizing factor of the skin /NMF/. It is composed of amino acids, as Serine occupies the greatest percentage. This amino acid exactly – Serine is mostly contained in the rice extract. Skin dehydration is a problem for many people, which appears at different times and it is one of the major agent causing face wrinkles. The rice extract is rich in many minerals and mostly in vitamins of group В, as it is extremely effective with inflamed, sensitive and reddening susceptible skin.

Cocktail of minerals: Mg, Zn, Cu – they contribute to cell stimulation by means of enhancing their energy profile and their metabolism. Magnesium /Mg/ participates in the synthesis of amino acids and proteins, in the lipid metabolism and it contributes to the shiny look of the skin. Copper /Cu/ contributes to the keratin synthesis and the collagen production. Zinc /Zn/ stimulates the collagen matrix reconstruction while assisting the collagen synthesis.

UV-A and UV-В rays protection by using a triple-action UV A/B sun protection factor SPF 15 – UV – radiation is one of the most important factors for the untimely skin ageing. With our products we used a new technology for UV-protection – Tinosorb M ®. This is the first filter using the technology of micro-fine particles, which have the effect of micro-pigments and organic UV – absorbers. The triple action of Tinosorb M ® is expressed in the UV – absorption by a photo-stable organic molecule, which scatters and reflects the light by means of its micro-fine structure. Thus the formation of free radicals is suppressed, the natural protective mechanisms of the skin are supported, and the risk of sun allergies and irritations is reduced to minimum. What happens is that skin preserves its vitality and the cell activity is increased.