REGAL Skin Lux

ANTI-WRINKLE SERIES REGAL Skin Lux  based on Argan plant stem cells. PhytoCellTec ™ are Argan tree stem cells, and the Argan tree is one of the oldest plants in nature. The REGAL Skin Lux Series products which contain Argan plant stem cells PhytoCellTec ™ improve the regeneration ability of the dermal stem cells and thus a profound rejuvenation is achieved. CertificateClinical tests on healthy volunteers have shown that REGAL Skin Lux products:

  • Effectively stimulate the dermal connective tissue regeneration, thus stimulating skin density;
  • Help regain elasticity; 
- Tighten and tone the skin;
Vitalize and protect dermal stem cells, thus contributing to the rapid reproduction of healthy and younger looking skin;
  • Significantly reduce wrinkle depth in crow’s feet area, which are the deepest and most difficult to be influenced wrinkles by means of cosmetic products.
  • Reduce existing wrinkles by 26%.