Whitening products ACHROACTIVE® МАХ

Whitening products ACHROACTIVE® МАХ
МАХ – maximum result from three products!

Many people suffer from the problem «Skin pigmentation»…
The skin color is due to formation and accumulation in the epithelial cells (melanocytes) of the pigment melanin. Melanocytes accumulate tyrosine and with the help of the enzyme tyrosinase they produce melanin. Melanin grains are transferred to the neighboring cells as well – keratinocytes. Depending on the quantity of melanin transferred to the keratinocytes the skin pigmentation is regulated.
UV-rays hasten the enzyme activity of tyrosinase and the melanin production.
The other factors that influence the skin pigmentation are: hormonal problems, genetic factors and medicines.

The products of series ACHROACTIVE® МАХ resolve the problem by:

ACHROMACHYL™  – a patent of ISP American laboratories. This is a new biofunctional active ingredient of vegetable origin from Brassicacea family – extracted from rape’s flower. Skin whitening and reduction of already formed age pigment spots is determined by inhibition of the tyrosinase, which is responsible for the melanin synthesis, and this way its quantity is reduced.
It is clinically proved that:
after 28-day application of the ACHROMACHYL™ the following is observed:
– 21% decreased in skin pigmentation
– 67% improved the radiance of skin
– 36% decreased melanin content in melanocytes
 α + β – hydroxi-acids, which have the property to “clear” keratin cells and to “peel” the superficial accumulation of melanin. After a good “clearing” it is contributed to the complete penetration of active components, which act deeply in the skin.
– UV-filter – Protecting the skin form UV- rays reduces not only the melanin production, but it also prevents from the formation of free radicals and phyto-ageing.

Our solution – ACHROACTIVE® МАX

1. Applying twice a day – in the morning and in the evening.
*  After 30 days the cream is applied before going out in the sun.
2. Face cleaning –  1-2 times weekly
3. Applying twice a day – in the morning and in the evening on pigment spots.