with ALOE and Vitamin complex Vip’s PRESTIGE

The concentrated product aiming to reach the full length of the hair has a deeply restructuring effect. It protects the capillary fiber by perfectly tightening and smoothing the cuticle. Due to the amazing active qualities of Aloe Vera barbadensis and the cocktail of vitamins E, C и F, the use of this mask for thickness and shine is recommended, especially in periods when the hair is weaker and under stress. Its specific intensive moisturizing formula aims at preventing the unaesthetic split ends and the matt appearance of the hair, making it stronger and visibly shinier.
This mask is a real energy concentrate. It immediately brings vitality to the thin and brittle volumeless hair, nourishing in depth the hair shaft by increasing its thickness and giving the hair a greater volume and shine. It is suitable for all types of hair as it has an antistatic effect and shapes it.
Ever since Ancient Egypt Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller has been defined as an elixir of beauty and long life.

It restores the volume, shine and hydration of the hair by the power of the natural moisturizer Aloe Vera and a cocktail of vitamins E, C and F. It improves the elasticity, strength and vitality of the hair.

Application: Apply to washed and wet hair. Rinse with plenty of water in 2-3 min.

250 ml.