The milk proteins form a protective layer on the hair, increase its elasticity and strengthens it
The milk proteins have a concentrated content of nourishing and energizing elements. They get into the hair to provide for the hair’s active nourishing without aggravation.
The hydrolyzed milk proteins have a strengthening effect to the hair roots; they help the hair regeneration and growth.

Fast-acting, for dyed and chemically treated hair.

Specially developed for intensive care of dyed hair, revitalizes the shine and brightness of the colour.
The formula enriched with coconut oil and milk proteins helps restore dye-damaged hair, improves the hair structure, restores its shine, softness and elasticity.
It does not aggravate the hair and facilitates combing. It has the exotic scent of coconut.

This mask enriched with coconut and milk proteins has a deep and particular “protected hair” effect for all hair types, which have been exposed to stress from exhaustive procedures both mechanical and chemical, and which have shifted from their natural balance. It has an instant effect due to its vegetable active ingredients and acts to restore the fiber and strengthens any damaged scales from dying or multiple use of hairdryer and curling irons. It is used after shampooing and nourishes the hair in depth, giving it a shiny finish and exceptional softness.
Additional protection from damaging. Apply weekly to washed hair, comb, let the mask work for 5 min and then rinse. It provides an excellent protection, nourishes and brings a shine. 200  ml
A cream mask with strengthening milk proteins and nourishing coconut oil. It softens dry, damaged hair and gives it a beautiful shine and healthy look.

The specially developed formula with coconut oil and milk proteins for intensive care of dyed and treated hair. Helps bring back the shine, softness and elasticity of the hair.

Application: Apply to washed and wet hair. Rinse with plenty of water in 2-3 min.

250 ml.