New super resistant hair color cream GALANT Image

GALANT Image – for modern and fashionable women

GALANT Image – this is a hair color cream for modern city women, whose lives are busy and full of events. They can get pleasures from live and from all the nice things that surround them. Moreover, the GALANT Image women are charming and naturally beautiful.

How does hair color cream GALANT Image give you an opportunity to express your uniqueness in the pattern of the modern city?

Super-fashionable bright tones in combination with super resistance (degree of resistance 3).

The UV-filter protects the hair from a color change due to the impact of the ultraviolet rays.

The composition of the hair color cream is specially developed for urban environment. In the conditions of urban environment (polluted atmosphere, global warming of the atmosphere and too bright lighting) the intensive color is absolutely resistant to external impacts.

Result: a deep, live, sparkling color

Strong hair with the protective formula COLOR-LIVE

The protective complex of fruit acids and Camomile extract еnourishes the hair from the very roots and makes it extremely strong

The natural moisturizing substances Pro-vitamin В5 and glycerin keep the optimal moisture all over the entire hair length. After coloring your hair will become soft and strong.

Shine and brightness of the hair for a long time

The special balsam – shine with Pro-vitamin В5 not only stabilizes the color obtained, but it also enhances the shine of colored hair and preserves the brightness of the color for a longer period of time.

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