Professional system of hair-coloring

Magnificence and style for modern women…..
Dip in luxury with the new permanent hair color vip’s PRESTIGE Deluxe. The specially designed system with concentrated liquid silk, pearl proteins and valuable oils ensures maximum hair care both during coloring process and after that.

INNOVATION – hair care system “LIQUID SILK” The special package containing liquid silk is added to the coloring mixture before dying. Concentrated silk proteins are activated in the process of coloring as they improve the structure of hair and ensure a really soft coloring. Your hair will not get damaged, quite the contrary – you will feel it vital and strong just like never before.

Pearl proteins – for shiny hair and healthy skin – as early as ancient times pearl dust was used for curing various cosmetic problems. The conhiolin contained takes part in the hair construction. Furthermore, it regulates the acid balance and moisture of the head skin.

Nourishing oils – the oils included in the cream-balsam make your hair soft and easy to shape. They penetrate deeply and nourish the hair from the very root.

22 natural beautiful colors made for you with lots of love by ROSA IMPEX:

590 Black Tulip 577 Aubergine 566 Dark Chocolate 565 Coffee Mocca 563 Chestnut 560 Golden Amber
570 Morello Splendour 558 Warm Mahogany 556 Fiery lava 555 Ruby-red 552 Red Coral 530 Pastel Copper
540 Hazelnut 544 Autumn Leaves 525 Cognac 522 Golden Sand 520 Hot Sahara 515 Silver Radiance
511 Pearly powder 510 Champagne 502 Light Blond 500 Nordic Blond