BATH FIZZ TABLETS Dr. NATURE Tonic anti-toxic (Tonic)

COLOUR: Orange


Dried blossom of Marigold and extract (Calendula officinalis )– it has antiseptic, calming, protective and softeninreg effect.
Green Tea (Camellia sinensis) – Refreshes, stimulates, has an anti-oxidizing effect.
Jojoba oil (Simmondsia chinensis) – in fact this is not oil, but liquid wax. It resembles human skin sebum. Extremely rich in vitamin E, which makes it a strong anti-oxidizer. Regulates skin sebum. Suitable for all types of skin. It has a proven natural photo-protective factor -4.

Description: A combination of Herbal therapy, Talasotherapy, Aromatherapy and Flower therapy. It has refreshing, antiseptic, nourishing and stimulating effect. Itremoves free radicals and toxins. It has anti-microbal effect.

Application: Dissolve a tablet in a bath-tub with water temperature of to=35-37oС /for general stimulation/ and to=38-42oС /for a more active effect/. One should stay in the bath-tub not more than 15 min. at t0=38-420С. Maximum of 3 baths per week arerecommended.