Bath salts with essential oil of Mint (Mentha piperita) – Refresh

Natural product consisting of salts from the Dead Sea, with unique chemical structureand enriched with essential oils of Mint.The Mint essential oil has a general refresh, invigorate and cooling effect. It has anti-inflammatory, disinfecting, promoting the elimination of toxic substances, causing perspiration and has exclusive soothing action for stomach-intestinal and migraines problems. The Mint essential oil reduces the high arterial pressure and the extent of heart contractions. Increase the concentration. Neutralize the unpleasant body odour.

For a bathtub: 100gr. of salts are dissolved in a bathtub with t=35-37oС /for general toning/ and a t=38-42oС /for more active action/. The stay in the bathtub should not exceed 15 min. at a t=38-42oС. Maximum 3 bathtubs are recommended weekly.
For local baths of the feet and hands: 1-2 tablespoonfuls are dissolved in 5l. hot water and baths of 10-15 min. are taken.

Caution!: These salts are not recommended to pregnant women and people with heart fibrosis! For suckling mothers these salts are not recommended 2 hours before breastfeeding! For children and people with sensitive skin – minimal doses!

300 g