Bath salts with essential oils of Orange (Citrus Dulcis) – Energy

Natural product consisting of salts from the Dead Sea, with unique chemical structureand enriched with essential oils of Orange. The Orange essential oil has a general energizing, tonic, soothing, relaxing, improving the mood, anti-depression, spasmolytic, disinfecting and antiseptic effect. It has an exclusively strong antitoxic effect over the whole organism. Its scent has a compensating effect concerning the lack of light during the winter months (to so called ‘winter depressions’). Promotes the production of encephalin – on this property is based the possibility of this oil to improve the mood. Recommend for insomnia. Suitable for oily skin and acne.


For a bathtub: 100gr. of salts are dissolved in a bathtub with to=35-37oС /for general toning/ and a to=38-42oС /for more active action/. The stay in the bathtub should not exceed 15 min. at a to=38-42oС. Maximum 3 bathtubs are recommended weekly.
For local baths of the feet and hands: 1-2 tablespoonfuls are dissolved in 5l. hot water and baths of 10-15 min. are taken.

Caution!: Their use is not recommended in a direct exposure to sun, quarts and solux irradiation (The Orange oil is phototoxic – it may cause inflammation of the skin)!For suckling mothers these salts are not recommended 2 hours before breastfeeding! Half doses are recommended to children under the age of 3!

300 g