Moisturizing Shower Gel with essential oils of Orange (Citrus Dulcis) – Energy

The Orange essential oil has a general energizing, tonic, soothing, relaxing, improving the mood, anti-depression, spasmolytic, disinfecting and antiseptic effect. It has an exclusively strong antitoxic effect over the whole organism.  Its scent has a compensating effect concerning the lack of light during the winter months (to so called ‘winter depressions’). Promotes the production of encephalin – on this property is based the possibility of this oil to improve the mood. Recommend for insomnia. Suitable for oily skin and acne. Allantoin softens and moisturizing the upper skin layer and with vitamin E, quickens the regeneration process.

Usage: Put on to the sponge or directly into the body. Wash with water. For daily usage.

Caution!: Their use is not recommended in a direct exposure to sun, quarts and solux irradiation (The Orange oil is phototoxic – it may cause inflammation of the skin)!For suckling mothers is not recommended 2 hours before breastfeeding! Half dose is recommended to children under the age of 3!

200 ml